Ver La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 59 Online novela la reina del sur cap 59 telenovela. Popular host of "The Cristina Show" returns to small screen on 1 June, where he will begin to do a special on the soap opera on Telemundo. El lunes 30 de mayo, la legendaria Teresa Mendoza se despide de los hogares hispanos poniendo fin a la cautivadora historia de La Reina del Sur.

La narco novela protagonizada por Kate del Castillo logró durante su proyección en Estados Unidos, que Telemundo por primera vez venciera a Univision en el horario estelar de las diez de la noche De acuerdo a la agencia Nielsen, autoridad en sistema de mediación, se mantuvo una audiencia promedio de más de 2.1 millones de televidentes de 18 a 49 años de edad durante los emocionantes capítulos de La Reina del Sur.

Once dismissed by Univision, the former host of popular "Show de Cristina" will begin in Singapore by a special presentation "The novel ends on 30 May and the next day we will be holding the 'Queen of the South' specially with all stakeholders" key, the driver said. Cristina, "Latin queen of talk shows in the United States, admits that he misses again display the" I really need to work in the media again. "

While noting that the new program in Singapore do not have a name "can not be summoned by the legal issues that same They (Univision) wants to show,. But do not want to Cristina, who is looking for another Cristina" he said.

Saralegui was saved now have more time to produce your program and would "again I have more time now to make my way. Motorists also will have its own channel with programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week covering entertainment, news, health, beauty, etc.

Her other news on la Reina del sur: On Monday, May 30, legendary farewell to Teresa Mendoza Hispanic households end the captivating story of Queen of the South. Narco novels starring Kate del Castillo did during the projection in the United States, the first primetime Telemundo Univision beat ten at night. According to Nielsen's office, authorities mediation system maintained an average audience of more than 2.1 million viewers 18-49 years old during the episode pulled from the Queen of the South.

In addition, on Tuesday, May 31 Kate del Castillo and some fellow actors, will be entirely in the Show de Cristina Saralegui, who has officially joined the ranks of Singapore. Cristina moved to NBC affiliate model of your program for 21 years held in Univision, which consisted of interviews with the protagonists of the novel, immediately after the finish, which he ran until his departure from the chain in August 2010.

After the end of the novel's most popular Telemundo What can fill the empty space of the La Reina del Sur evacuated? At the same time, the chain has announced "The House Next Door," which will have the challenge to at least match the success of the network of drug dealers, bisexual triangles and revenge in the style of "Cosa Nostra.
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